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Automatic Control System of Simple Loader/Unloader

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Longxiang Intelligent System Integration Department is the research and development center of industrial technology software development and solution. The development engineer has a positive impact on machine performance, service life and safety by developing efficient condition monitoring to meet the intelligent requirements of equipment in high-end industry. Intelligent software solutions help transform from simple machine monitoring to intelligent factories.

We develop the following solutions for machine and equipment monitoring:

Visualization and Monitoring Solutions and Visualization and Analysis of Machine Data

Acquisition and provision of process/operation data and remote maintenance and configuration

Interface Business Software System and Preventive Maintenance (Predictive Maintenance)

MES Solution and Business Intelligence Solution for Automated Production Line (Data Analysis, Reporting)

The MES software solution of production line provided by Longxiang system can be customized according to the requirements of automation equipment and production line manufacturer, according to specific functional modules, and fully consider the future expansion and upgrading needs. By working with us, users can constantly experience amazing ease of use of intelligent software. We have a number of collaborative teams from the world's top scientists in the field of intelligence. We will work together to promote all disciplines of international digital manufacturing technology. With the help of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and cloud computing, factory operators, equipment manufacturers and system integrators can now access production processes and read huge amounts of data. These data may be used to improve productivity and efficiency, or even to create new business models. Through the Internet of Things, industrial enterprises can obtain intelligent tools and solutions. Even older production plants can be revamped to achieve better sustainable operation. As an expert, we can plan the Internet of Things for you and support you in implementing the Internet of Things project.

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