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Perfect Service System

Longxiang Science and Technology has a professional service team composed of internationalized talent echelon, with a perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sale service system.
To provide customers with complete design schemes, such as workshop layout design, personnel training, concrete transportation solutions and durable molds, can provide customers with the most professional services.


01pre-sale Service
Pre-sale service is the professional service provided by Longxiang to
customers beforethe equipment enters the venue, including:

● Assist in site planning, solving technical problems and assistant configuration consultation.
● Help to formulate a customer-friendly machine and equipment purchase plan, and according to the site, give the layout design proposal;
● Assistance in income analysis;


02 Sale Service
The company's in-sales service includes on-time delivery, on-site installation and
debugging personnel training to achieve the smooth operation of the equipment.
Production, including::

● Longxiang complete set of equipment imported from Germany, strictly in accordance with the German process design, engineers for manufacturing and assembly;
● After signing the technical agreement/purchase contract, the company will submit the standard list of design, manufacture, assembly and installation of the contract equipment to the customer for confirmation.
● Senior engineers are appointed to install and debug on-site.
● On-site training of operation technology for customer staff, free training of mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel for customers coming to the company;

1.jpg03 Ater Sales Service
Longxiang Company provides all-round after-sales service to customers, including::

● Guarantee timely supply of spare parts and accessories, strictly implement three-package product quality, one-year free warranty, lifelong after-sales service;
● The "Cloud Platform System" service: the machine can be remotely connected to the Cloud Platform Diagnosis Center, and the company's senior engineers can make remote diagnosis and carry out remote maintenance work.
● 24-hour service commitment: In order to provide customers with better quality service and technical support, the company's 400 service hotline will serve customers 24 hours a day.
● One machine, one file management: the company establishes a management file for each machine, details and the whole, service always;
● Regular customer return visits: The company has formulated a customer return visits system to listen carefully to each customer's suggestions and opinions, and through the return visits, understand the operation of each equipment, so that each equipment is in the best condition;

Cloud Service Platform


Longxiang Intelligent Equipment Cloud Service Platform uses cloud technology, data protocol communication technology, mobile Internet technology, equipment modeling, artificial intelligence, fuzzy neuron, big data and other technologies to collect data from enterprise intelligent equipment and user's habitual data.

Intelligent service platform for on-line monitoring, remote upgrade, remote fault prediction and diagnosis, equipment health status evaluation, generation of equipment operation and application status report, etc.


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