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Z-Dragon Electromechenical (ZhuoLu) Co. ,Ltd

Z-Dragon Electromechenical (ZhuoLu) Co. ,Ltd is a Beijing high-tech company affiliated to Beijing Zhongguancun Science Park.
Its predecessor was Beijing Zhonglong Electromechanical Co., Ltd which was established in January 2010. It specializes in providing professional external processing services for European and American electromechanical equipment enterprises and the domestic technology product conversion services for electrohydraulic control systems. After years of development, it has gradually grown into a domestic high-tech technology company which develops automatic electro-hydraulic control systems and control software for the imported mechanical and electrical equipment.


●  At the beginning of 2015, an equipment manufacturing base with a construction area of nearly 20,000 square meters was built at the foot of the Great Wall in northern Beijing, which greatly strengthened our technical industrialization.

●  In February 2016, in order to promote the advanced technologies on solid waste environmental protection industry from Europe and America which have been transformed and accumulated for many years. We entered Zhongguancun Science Park in Beijing, China, changed its name to Beijing Long Technologies Co., ltd and set up an environmental protection science and technology research institute.

●  In April 2016, Beijing Long Technologies Co., ltd with Hong Kong Science and Technology Capital invested in an equipment manufacturing base and a research and development center with a construction area of 30,000 square meters in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, completing the groups layout of "Beijing Headquarters" and "North and South Production Bases".

Since then, Beijing Dragon Technologies Co., ltd has entered a period of rapid development.

Up to now, it has more than 30 scientific and technological talents, over 20 invention patents and automatic control software for 8 kinds of new materials and equipment.

The industry and scope of work:

◆ Building materials equipment industry automation control software engineering development and promotion of the sales;
◆ Advanced hydraulic system and related technology products development, production and sales;
◆ Concrete mixing equipment and electric control system of production, sales and services;
◆ Construction waste recycling disposal equipment of professional research and development, production, sales and services;
◆ Industrial solid waste disposal equipment of professional development, production, sales and services;
◆ Prefabricated aerated plank production equipment research and development, production, sales and services;
◆ Europe and the United States environmental protection building materials and equipment production and sales;


Environmental protection building materials industry investment and technology promotion; New building materials and equipment design, production, sales and services;

Electrical software development; Electric hydraulic system design, manufacturing and after-sales service

Professional in the field of national construction waste comprehensive disposal recycling equipment manufacturing

Automatic control and the software industry leading enterprise technology strength

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