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Environmental Protection and Governance Climbing Up to High-Tech and the Establishment of Weituo Environmental Research Institute in Yiwu City


On the morning of June 10, the announcement of the establishment and R&D achievements of Weituo Environmental Research Institute was held in Yiwu High-level Talents Pioneering Park.

According to the introduction, the newly established Weituo Environmental Research Institute belongs to Yiwuweituo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. It is mainly engaged in on-line monitoring of environmental pollution sources and comprehensive treatment of environmental pollution, developing new technologies and new products in three fields of wastewater, waste gas and soil, and providing a comprehensive plan for the treatment of environmental pollution. At present, the research institute has 15 R&D personnel, intelligent cloud environment monitoring platform and VOCs microwave catalytic pyrolysis module.

In addition, the Institute has introduced five experts, including Professor Yang Hangsheng, Associate Professor Youwang of Zhejiang University, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, and postdoctoral researcher Yue Xiu of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, covering the three major environmental protection fields of atmosphere, water and soil, to provide advice and suggestions for monitoring and controlling environmental pollution in Yiwu, and to further enhance the development level of environmental protection industry in Yiwu.

"Environmental governance requires the joint efforts of the government, enterprises and research institutions." The responsible person of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said that next step, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will strengthen cooperation with the Weituo Environmental Research Institute, rely on the advantages and characteristics of the Institute in the field of environmental protection industry, integrate R&D resources, introduce high-level talents, form a strong joint R&D team, increase the R&D strength of environmental protection products in Yiwu, promote the market-oriented development of environmental protection industry in Yiwu, and improve the front-end of small and medium-sized enterprises. Pollution discharge, as the protection stone of Yiwu green mountains and waters.

After the exposition, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the Science and Technology Bureau, the Talent Office and the Weituo Environmental Research Institute conducted in-depth exchanges on the relevant policies of applying for Yiwu Talent Plan, Jinhua Shuanglong Plan, provincial science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises and national high-tech enterprises, as well as the service policies of environmental protection enterprises.


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