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LONG-BT100PM(VM) Blending System

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1. Operating system of all-Chinese visual interface.
2. Man-machine friendly interface, dynamic simulation screen, rich graphics and text, real-time production monitoring.
3. The names of raw materials, the parameters of vibration mixing and the types of materials can be set according to the needs, so as to facilitate the statistics of material reports.
4. The production layout flow can be set up with permission, which is convenient for production needs.
5. According to the actual demand, each batch of automatic compensation or non-compensation function can be selected to meet the actual production demand.
6. According to the actual situation of batching errors, the system can choose to automatically correct the drop value or set it as a fixed drop value.
7. Perfect formulation management, the number of formulations stored in industrial computer is not limited.
8. Dual system backup and double backup of all production data ensure the stability of production and make users safe and secure.
9. Man-machine interface operation can realize independent operation of computer and control cabinet. Manual production can be completed by clicking on the screen with mouse, which is easy to operate.
10. The production interface monitors the current batch number of scales and displays the layout status in real time, which is intuitive and clear.
11. The batching sequence of warehouse can be flexibly selected according to production needs.
12. Material transfer can be realized. When there is no material in a warehouse, other warehouses with the same material can be selected to ensure the normal operation of production.
13. Powerful overshoot and fault sound and light alarm function, easy to monitor production, improve product quality.
14. Manual batching, automatic recording of the consumption of materials manually operated, improve the statistical function of manual batching report forms.
15. The system can select small materials, grease additives, automatic or manual discharge control process.
16. It can set up automatic printing of detailed production report for each batch.
17. The system is managed by privilege. Operators login by password with different privileges to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the system.
18. During the production process, the functions of batching, discharging, mixer discharging and interrupting production can be suspended or restored at any time.
19. Real-time display of various equipment operation fault information prompts to facilitate troubleshooting.
20. The storage capacity of the material warehouse can be input to facilitate the display of the status of the material in the warehouse.

LONG-BT100PM (VM) blending system is composed of computer, high precision imported weighing sensor from Germany, large-scale new processor PLC and Longxiang system software. The system adopts well-known, high-performance and reliable imported visual industrial control computer. In terms of operation, the computer and control cabinet realize manual/automatic free switching operation vibration control mode between two places. It has vibration frequency operation indication, fault alarm function, automatic data backup and real-time display of various production reports browsing in production state. And printing function, intelligent system has vibration mixing settings, intelligent matching mixing and environment, two-bit mixing, three-bit mixing, multi-bit mixing, etc., to meet different configuration needs. Standard version controls 8 warehouses and can be designed and manufactured according to different requirements of users. The system has good expansibility, flexibility and open intelligent network system.

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