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The industry is in a dilemma of development. It is imperative to build a wise environmental sanitation logo


This summer, there are many reports about sanitation workers sticking to their posts and fulfilling their duties in hot weather. Most people must be able to understand the hardships and difficulties of the workers, but they do not know that there are many painful points behind the industry.

First, the sanitation industry is suffering from mismanagement. Faced with the rapid development of urban construction and the increasing number of sanitation personnel, the internal order of sanitation management department is still relatively chaotic, and managers have no time to manage their own sanitation personnel, vehicles, facilities, let alone to achieve fine management and assistant decision-making of work assessment.

Secondly, with the rapid development of urban economy, people's domestic waste is also increasing day by day. However, the important industry of sanitation is facing the dilemma of shortage of funds and inadequate facilities. At present, the national sanitation infrastructure is very weak; the cleaning and transportation machinery and other auxiliary facilities are generally inadequate, the equipment is outdated, backward and incompatible, and the mechanization level of the whole industry is lower than other industries; the shortage of sanitation vehicles and other phenomena seriously restrict the development of sanitation.

In addition, due to the backward sanitation technology, the efficiency of the industry's harmless garbage disposal service is greatly reduced. It is reported that there are no garbage disposal sites in nearly 200 cities in 666 cities in China. Many places transport a large amount of garbage to the garbage dump without bottom impermeable layer in the suburban space, which occupies a large amount of land, pollutes the soil, air, ground and groundwater systems, and is also vulnerable to mosquitoes and flies, infectious diseases, and even "garbage besieged city" appears in many cities. The serious situation.

The sanitation industry is equivalent to the logistic support of urban construction. In view of the current dilemma, the development of intelligent sanitation is of great significance to the construction of smart cities.


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